Hossein Pejman – Your Mortgage Professional

Hossein Pejman is a Member of the Association of Mortgage Professionals with 25 years of experience. His services are FAST & FREE. He will find you the BEST RATES on the market. Hossein will meet you in Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver to consult about your financing options.



Why work with me?

What makes you different than any other mortgage broker? Bank’s are quick to advertise their best daily discounted interest rates and new products to the broker community, one of their top sources of new business.   You will get the most current information and the best prevailing rates available. Should interest rates go down while we are working together, I am quick to respond by taking the initiative, and locking you in at the best rate of the day. Seldom will your bank or broker do this for you.

Our realty services

Hossein Pejman’s Realty Group, also provides a wide range of Real Estate services including:   – Residential Properties, – Commercial, Industrial and Investment Properties, – Property advisory services and more.   For more information please visit www.hosseinpejman.com or contact: 604.818.4004